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Mounting Solutions

Mounting Solutions

Powerz-On has developed a range of mounting systems to meet the varying needs of installers. As they say no two roofs are the same, we understand this and have attempted to provide the most complete solutions possible. At the same time understanding the need for the collector and geyser to be mounted securely to the roof, whilst maintaining the integrate of the roof structure. Please note: Powerz-On recommends consulting an engineer before installing a solar system on the roof. Solar Mounting Solutions
Mounting Systems

Inclined Roof Type Mounting Solutions

Inclined Roof Types Mounting Solutions
150/200 Lt. Aluminum Inclined Roof Stand  
Mounting Options

Flat Roof Type Mounting Solutions

Flat Roof Types Mounting Solutions
150/200/300 Lt. Flat Roof Stand
Mounting Options
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MSC Series
BSC Series
ECO Series
Mounting Solutions
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