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Social Responsibility


In an ongoing effort to develop economic growth and sustainability in South Africa, Powerz-On partners with the CSI group of companies in enterprise development. Within the manufacturing plant, Powerz-On provides facilities, equipment and opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

Jack Mzothwa and Terrence Magubane are two such entrepreneurs who have benefited from Powerz-On’s enterprise development initiatives. These men now manufacture and assemble solar panels for supply to Powerz-On.

Powerz-On wants to make an impact on today and a positive impression on the future. Our commitment to South Africa is long term and concentrates on being beneficial to all South Africans.

Powerz-On is part of a renewable energy supply chain. Having access to Energy Service Provider Hubs (ESCO’s), Powerz-On taps into an extensive renewable energy support network throughout Southern Africa. As a result, Powerz-On offers a wide range of high quality products and excellent services to develop renewable energy sources, which will potentially provide energy to all communities.

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