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Direct and Indirect Solar Systems


Direct Systems

A direct solar system is one of the simplest known systems. A direct system means that the water in the geyser is used as the heat transfer system. The water in the geyser is transferred to the solar collector by means of Thermosiphon or Pumped circulation. The water is heated in the collector and returned to the geyser, waiting for use.


  • Highly efficient.
  • Easy to install.
  • Generally require less components.
  • Existing geyser can be used.
  • Not for freeze areas or bad water conditions.

On Roof Solar Systems

On Roof Systems (Thermosiphon)
150Lt. - CS-005
200Lt. - CS-006
300Lt. - WE-300D

In Roof Solar Systems

In Roof (Pump)
150Lt. - K-150D2.2 (Retrofit)
150Lt. - WE-150D
(New Geyser)
200Lt. - K-200D2.5 (Retrofit)
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Indirect Systems

An indirect system relies on a heat transfer fluid (Glycol) for thermal transfer. In an indirect system the water in the tank and the glycol do not come into contact. The glycol circulates through the solar collector absorbing heat energy, which is then transferred using a thermosiphon process to a heat exchanger in the solar geyser, which in turn heats the water.

Indirect systems are:

  • Highly efficient.
  • Easy to install.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Is the most popular solar system internationally.
  • Can be installed in all areas.


Available Systems
100Lt. - K-100DJT-E1.5
150Lt. - K-150DJT2.2
200Lt. - K-200DJT2.5
200Lt. - S-200IDT
300Lt. - K-300DJT2.2
300Lt. - S-300IDT
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